A day trip to Jinja will take you through Uganda’s most historical and adventure attractions such as the human-born Ssezibwa falls in Mukono, the ecologically diverse Mabira Forest Reserve, visit the source of the Nile river; the world’s longest river, and explore the historical town of Jinja.

After your early breakfast, we drive to Jinja passing through different towns and tea and sugar plantations to the historical town of Jinja. We make our first stop at the cultural Ssebizwa Falls – a favorite place of rest and healing for the Kabakas (Kings) of Buganda Kingdom. It is believed to have been born by a Ganda woman, a visit to this site will leave you marveling at Uganda’s mysteries.

Pass through Mabira Forest; one of Uganda’s thick rain-forests which is home to over 300 species of birds and over 218 kinds of butterflies. You can do ziplining in Mabira forest and enjoy the spectacular views of the forest from above. There are over 312 tree and plant species. You will also find lots of monkey and other mammals in Mabira Forest walking underneath this canopy of an African Rainforest is an almost spiritual experience. Taste on the chama choma (roasted beef), roasted bananas (bogoya) and roasted chicken and then proceed to Jinja.

Have a delicious meal in Jinja and then visit the source of the Nile river, a quiet Park, with many souvenirs that you can buy. As you stand on the Nile, you can hear the gurgling water, watch fishermen throwing their nets, taking in the longest river in Africa, you can close your eyes and sense history.

Take a Boat ride to the source of the Nile and beyond the lake, great picture opportunities for you. Then it is off to town, which at one time was the industrial capital of Uganda, now-a-days it is a sleepy town filled with lots of old Indian styled homes, reflecting the many Indians who lived here in the pre-Amin area.

We go on for our return to the Kampala in time for dinner at your hotel. Get in touch with us to arrange your day trip to Jinja from Kampala by sending us an email via info@jinjatours.com or call us on +256701367970.