Uganda is Africa’s premier adventure destination endowed with a lot of adrenaline activities. Rafting on the Nile river is one of a life-changing adrenaline activity participated in by the majority of the adventure travelers to Uganda.

Taking a cheap rafting tour in Jinja is extremely rewarding with either a short day rafting trip or a full day rafting trip in Uganda.

The rafting trips takes you through the astonishing different levels of rapid grades up-to Grade V making the River Nile one of the world’s best rafting destinations.

With our experienced guides to guide you all the way through the rapids, rafting on the Nile is the experience you shouldn’t miss on your African tour.

Traveling with family to Uganda on an adventure trip, family floating trips on the Nile is a rewarding experience to encounter on your vacation.

Be scared-free, rafting in Uganda is very safe; wear your helmet, put-on your life-jacket and listen to your guide… All will be extremely exciting and fun!

Customize your safari to Uganda by adding rafting on the Nile with other awesome things to do in Uganda. Contact us to help you organize your adventure holiday in Uganda. Send us an email via or call us on +256701367970.