I believe many people have had a number of bungee jumps but still yearn for more. You may rather set out with your friends and go bungee jumping in Uganda. Well, all this is fun but below are a few guidelines to help you prevent blotting on the terrain.

You can never set out jumping by yourself. You require someone to assist in setting the equipment and checking on their safety, and even give a hand to unhook you after the jump.

Before tossing yourself, the guides confirm that that your equipment is well functional and properly assembled. This activity requires no big brains but just your love of your life and common sense.

You are now well set, and if it isn’t your first time, certainly you won’t chicken out while at the ledge. For first time, it is usually scary, but it you will be ready for it, and off you jump! As far as you can, throw yourself and take pleasure in the dash…

The legendary White Nile offers some of the best White Water rafting in the world. We arrange either day, overnight or multi day excursions. With the trip beginning in Jinja or Kampala, Uganda’s adventure capital here you find the only bungee jumping platform in East Africa with a drop touching the Source of the Nile.

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