Bishop James Hannington Memorial Shrine At Kyando

This is a place of great significance in the Protestant faith in Uganda. This is where the British evangelist, James Hannington, lived and met his death on October 29th 1885. He was doing missionary work in Busoga to spread the word of God. There is a very emotional story told of the travel, life and death of Bishop Hannington. The Diocese of Busoga under whose jurisdiction this site falls, have been holding annual Christian pilgrims to Kyando to celebrate the life of Bishop Hannington.

However, the 2015 celebration was quite different due to the fact that apart from marking the death of Bishop Hannington, it was an occasion that the government of Uganda declared it as a tourism site.

Tremendous efforts have been undertaken to bring to the fore the significant facts about this place. For example, it is now known and confirmed that:

  • This is the place where the first Christian Martyrdom took place in place in Uganda (October 1885).
  • This is the place where the largest number of Christian Martyrs (48 Africans and Bishop Hannington) were murdered at Kyando.
  • Bishop Hannington was declared a Saint in 1958 during the Lambeth conference in United Kingdom

Given the significance, Kyando is poised to be a major religious tourism destination in Uganda. It is a site where both Christians and non-Christians will enjoy visiting and have a memorable experience.

The historical landmarks that characterized Bishop Hannington’s brief stay at the place offer an exciting experience to anyone visiting the site. In order to promote this site as a tourism destination, a number of improvements are underway at the location.

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