1 Day Itanda Falls Tour & Adventure

Itanda Falls

Itanda Falls- Jinja Tours
Itanda Falls a great place to visit on your Safari in Uganda is not so much known, it is located only 27 kilometers away from Jinja and you need only 45 minutes driving along that rough road. When you get there, you will definitely have an experience of the Authentic Africa, particularly Uganda.
Itanda is an extremely stunning site with lots of ripples therefore has the potential to attract hundreds of tourists and they engage in the different activities like kayaking and also water rafting, an activity that interests hundreds of people from different corners of the world. Today, there are still very few tourists that have visited Itanda therefore it is still one of Uganda’s underutilized resources that is yet to be fully explored.
What to Do At and Around the Itanda Falls
White Water Rafting, Canoeing and Boat riding: Here you can expect long, rollicking strings of Grade IV and V rapids, with plenty of thrill and spills. Despite the intensity of some rapids, most people who venture here are first-time rafters; it's the perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try something different.
Kayaking: An alternative to rafting is to go solo and kayak through the raging river, or take a more leisurely paddle on flat water.
Visit the Source of the Nile River: Visit the birthplace of the mighty Nile River, here the water spills out of Lake Victoria on its journey to the Mediterranean flowing fast from the get-go.
Bungee Jumping: Challenge your fear of heights by touching the source of the Nile from the high Nile Bungee jumping Uganda.
Cultural Tours: Great opportunity to experience local culture including sampling of the local foods and village beers.
Quad Biking: Quad biking along the beautiful banks of the Victoria Nile is a real blast. After a little spin on the practice circuit, it's time to explore the paths and trails criss-crossing nearby countryside.
Horse Riding: A horseback safari provides the ideal way to explore the Nile up close, see a traditional Ugandan village and view the fantastic panorama from the hills overlooking the Nile River Valley.