The Nile is a long river flowing northwards regarded as the world’s longest river measuring 4258 miles shared by eleven countries on the eastern side of the African continent namely Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt, Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Eritrea, South Sudan and North Sudan. The Nile continues its journey to North Africa until it pours into the Mediterranean sea

River Nile is divided into major tributaries namely; the Blue Nile and White Nile. Of the two, the White Nile is longer with its source still undetermined but may be located in either Rwanda or Burundi but as per now the known source is at Lake Victoria where the Victoria nile starts it’s journey northwards.

In Uganda, the nile starts its journey at the Jinja Ripon falls as a the Victoria Nile flowing northwards into Lake Kyoga flowing through Masindi and Murchison falls park until it reaches Lake Albert forming the infamous River delta. It then leaves lake Albert as the Albert Nile which flows all through northern Uganda crossing borders into south Sudan


Activities on Nile
The Nile River is a popular tourist attraction in Uganda that attracts tourists of all types including adventure seekers, researchers as well holiday makers. There are plenty of thrilling water sports carried out on this river including a boat ride to source of the Nile, white water rafting, kayaking, bungee jumping, river surfing, sport fishing, jet boating, sunset cruise to mention but few .


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