Bujagali falls was a popular waterfall in Jinja where the River nile begins its journey from Lake Victoria and some consider this point as the real source of the Nile. However the waterfalls were submerged by the a dam constructed by the government in 2011. Though this dam was constructed to increase power generation around Uganda, it affected tourism around the area and most conservationists and tourism bodies came out in protest against the dams setup on one of the most popular falls in Eastern Uganda.
Bujagali falls is is believed to be home to a local spirit called Bujabald which is embodied in a old local spiritualist’s body who is the ninth person to be possessed by this spirit. He is occassionaly seen doing rituals on the edge of the falls.

Bujagali Falls

There are plenty of tourist activities carried out near Bujagali and the most popular ones being white water rafting, kayaking and river surfing among others. Interested in tour to Bujagali falls, contact us today through info@jinjatours.com , we will provide the transport and assign alocal guide to take you this destination and back.